Suzhou 苏州市 and around

Suzhou 苏州市 and aroundSuzhou is a city in Jiangsu province at the east of China :


There is more than 5 million people who live in Suzhou, and it’s easy to reach Shanghai by train (only 30 minutes) or by car (around 1h30).

If we ask people, do you know Suzhou?

Some will reply, it’s an industrial city, that’s right (1/4 of the computers are made in Suzhou and 65% of computer’s mouse also).

Others will know Suzhou as the nice and beautiful city with lot of canal, we call « The Little Venice ».

This is city is also famous for her 69 gardens, 9 of which are « World Heritage Site ». I don’t know if we will have enought time to visit all of them, but we will try. It’s very pleasant, lot of flowers, rocks, so calm compare to the high buildings in the city.

Before, Suzhou was the capital of the silk, and we can find lot of tailors (I will think about create a wedding dress…)

You can spend long time in Suzhou without getting bored. But I understand when people come to China to visit the country, they will not spend some many time here, but for those who want to take their time, you can find lot of things to visit in my blog.

Suzhou by night :

When there is no pollution, the view of the modern Suzhou is beautiful.

You can take a walk along the lake and have a nice view of the pants. When we arrived in Suzhou, people told us, if you can see the pants, there is no pollution, if you cannot you should wear a mask. A big eye and a very big screen are on the opposite side of the pants.

P1000149 (Copier)

One saturday with the blue sky, we decide to try our new  e-bike. Here it’s the best way to go everywhere. We have to be carefull, but it’s not so dangerous.

P1000166 (Copier)

Let’s go for ride around the lake, it’s so nice, the view is beautiful.

By night


Flowers and animals market

For people who loves animal, you will be shocked, it’s horrible to leave some animals like this, but because we needed some flowers we have to get there first.

We can found dogs, cats, birds, crikets, mygal, scorpions, once we saw an baby crocodile…

The old town of Suzhou is beautiful with all the canal, you can have a walk for all the day.

When the night is coming, the lanterns lighting, so nice.

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