Pan men gate

Today, it still sunny day (we are lucky, before going to China, people told us, july and august are the worst month because it’s raining all the day and it’s very hot). We only had one week of rain, after that just sun and no pollution. We heard that’s because of the G20 is coming soon in China so the governement ask company to close in order too decrease the pollution.

So today, we decide to go to Pan Men Gate. We want to try how far our e-bike can goes. No problem, so we decide to go to Ikea during the way back.

This place is very nice, only few tourists, and it cost only 40 RMB.

As soon as we go in the park, there is a big pagoda.

We walk in the garden, cross some bridges… it’s very pleasant.

There is s very small waterfall with lot of lotus.

To finish the park, we go to this famous door built more than 2500 years ago, and it should be the oldest door of the city.

Once we finished the visit, we go to see a local market and we think it’s time to rest for chinese because not some many activity…


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