Linyan Mountain

Today, it’s sunny day and we decide to go the Linyan mountain. It’s a very small « mountain » around Mudu. So to go it’s easy, we take the metro until the terminus Mudu then a tuktuk for 15 RMB to the starting point of the walking.

The walk is very nice because there are lot of trees, luckily because it’s so hot 38°C.

Many times, we can stop on different area to see the landscape, temples…

On the top, there is a very big temple (too bad it’s in works inside), so I will not take any pictures, but it’s a good reason to come back later 🙂

A big pond with some different kind of turtles, one pagoda, a big bell, it’s very pleasant especially because of the warmth, the chinese don’t go outside, so we meet only few people.

During the walk, we saw the kitchen of the restaurant, we are not really confident about the hygiene.

We chose another way to going down, very nice idea, no body, trees everywhere, but the way is the opposite to the city. We keep going, we don’t want to get back all the way. When we finish the way down, we don’t have water anymore, and we don’t know if we are far or not from the city. We found a small house and luckily they sell some fresh water, we take a rest few minutes.

We decide to going back to the metro with « tuktuk » because we really don’t know where we are. It’s was a very nice day, we really enjoy it.





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