Chongyuan temple

Finally the rain stopped this sunday, we decide to have a ride in e-bike in Yancheng Park lake, not so far from our home.

The park is nice, we can do bicycle. After a while, we saw a lot of tourists bus stopped in one area. Because we are curious, we go to have a look. There is a small and typical market with only crabs for sale.

We see also a temple, so we go to have a look about the price. We only have 50 yuans, we think it’s not enought, how lucky we are, the ticket is only 20 RMB per person. We really enjoy this temple, and it’s too bad, any of the guidebooks mention it because it’s huge and beautiful and lot of monks live there.

We go first to see the big pagoda. When we cross the door, what a surprise, a very big buddha (33 meters). We can go on the 3rd floor to see it closer. On all the wall, there is thousand of mini buddhas.

When we are done with the buddha, we go to visit the others temples (around 10).

Lots of statues, some of them are nice, others not.


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