The Great Wall – Huanghuacheng

I was so excited to see the great wall. We take the bus 916 at Dongzhimen bus station to go to Huairou. In there, we walk a few hundred meters to find the bus stop H21 (not easy to found because it’s not written in the bus station).

Normally, the way to go takes 2 hours (1 hour for each bus), but we have bad luck, one accident on the road and the way take more than 3 hours. We arrive at 11.30 am. But we are happy to arrive here because only few tourists and the great wall has 2 parts : one rework and one natural.

We start to walk on the rework part.

It’s nice, not so many tourists, but we see on the other side some people on the top on the natural part, and that’s where we want to go.

P1020891 (Copier)

We go back to the entry and try to found a « easy » way to climb. Impossible to found, so we decide to climb the rocks, it’s difficult, but we are so happy when we are up.

It’s exactly what we were looking for, no rework, just a natural place. At the top, the view is amazing.

P1030004 (Copier)

We have a hiking during few hours and the road is not easy all the time.

THe view still amazing, and thanks to the blue sky, we can see very far.

Around 4 pm, we decide to going down to the city and take the bus in the same parking we were this morning. Still have bad luck during the way back, anoter accident, the way takes again 3 hours.

A memorable souvenir. People who want to go there must be in good condition physical, and don’t forget to wear a hiking shoes.

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