HuangShan 黄山 (Yellow mountain)

Today is November 8th 2016, we decide to spend 4 days to Huang Shan. We take the train in Suzhou at 9pm to arrive in Huangshan the next day at 7am.

We cannot found « soft sleeper » to sleep, so let’s try the « hard sleeper », not so bad, really. That worst is there is no curtain or door between the room and the corridor, so you can hear people talking and smell the cigarette smoke. Hopefully, around 10pm, everybody is asleep.

When the train arrives, we take a minibus to the mountain. In fact, the bus will drop us in front of an hotel, we need to walk few hundred meters to the official bus stop to the mountain. So we take the bus to « Yungu cable car » at the east of the mountain.

We pay 230 Yuans per person to go in the mountain, and let’s start climbing for the next few hours. Weather is cloudy but no rain for the moment.

We only meet few tourist, and we are very impressed by the carriers.

After 3 hours of climbing, we are at « White Goose Ridge », mist still here,so we enjoy our lunch and I can take some photos with the trees covered with snow.

Then we keep climbing to try to get some view point, some are very amazing.

We also can see some beautiful birds.

Here below is the same photo, I just took the 1st few second before. So if the mist is here, just wait few minutes and you can get the nice view.

After the amazing day, it’s time to find a place to pitch the tent. Luckily, we have a very good equipment because snow is coming. Le next day, the mist still here and is worst than the day before.


We pack our stuff, and let’s go for the 2nd day. We plan to do the Grand Canyon.

The mist on the morning is huge, it’s cold, we cannot see the landscape and we are in the middle of a chinese group.

But some animals come to meet us, friendly squirrel and 3 monkeys (a little aggressive) so our smile come back.

For the moment, we only going down and finally we reach the point where the group leave and take the cablecar. We are hesitating a lot, bad weather still here, but less mist. We find motivation and keep going on the way in order to finish this Grand Canyon way.

We keep going down the steps until Sanxikou. We are a little bit afraid because, now we have to climb again. The view on the Canyon is amazing, forest is everywhere.

Let’s go for the climbing again and again for the next hours.

We do many breaks to be able to rest and enjoy the sight. I’m feeling so small in the bridge.

When we arrive almost at the top, blue skye is waiting for us. We are so happy to make so efforts for climbing this mountain and get this amazing view.

Latest photo of the day, some trees and frozen fruits .

Because our tent still wet, we decide to sleep in the dorm in Beihai hotel we booked in ctrip 1 hour before arriving. (we cannot sleep together, it’s girl in one dorm and boy in another one.)

The 3rd day, I’m motivated, I wake up at 6am to see the sunrise. I arrive just in time, before all the chinese, so I can have a good place to observe the magical time.

Seems like today is going to be perfect. Blue sky and sun, we decide to going down to the west side : Yuping way. Our knees will hut a lot after this.

Landscapes are so different compare to the day before, but still spectacular.

Not far from the top of the cablecar, we found a lot of people and it’s not easy to walk, so we decide to take another way to avoid the people.

Steps are very steep and we can feel the end is not far.

Finally, we see the temple who indicate the final point for our hikking. We keep going for 1.5 km to reach the bus station.


To conclude these 3 days, we went through very different emotion, joy of course, but also, fatigue, disappointment because of the mist. We also really appreciate all the encouragement from the chinese we met during the hiking, for sure they cannot miss us with our big bag.

I advise if you have enought time, anyone can spend some in this beautiful mountain.

For people who wants to climb like us, don’s miss yours walking sticks.

Here below, our own card to explain you our 3 days of hiking :

1st day = red / 2nd day = green / 3rd day = purple



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