Hongcun 宏村

After our 3 days in Huang Shan, we need to have rest. We choose the small village Hongcun. From Huang Shan, we take the direct bus from the « scenic area » and it take only 45 minutes to get to the village.

We booked a guesthouse with Ctrip. We need to pay 130 RMB to go in, and the ticket is valid for 3 days. It’s right, the price is expensive and there is a lot of tourist here, but it’s worth it. We arrive at 4pm in the village and we go to walk a little bit.

There is a big lake in the middle of the village and it’s a pleasure for me to take some picture with the house and the trees who are reflecting in.


We take some food on the street very good, and we still walking a little in the middle of the lantern. The night is coming, we find a restaurant, but it was not very good food.



We go back to the hotel, and have a chance to assist to a KTV, hopefully, at 9pm, everybody is sleeping.

After a good night, we wake up with a lot of aches. The skye is grey but we want to have a walk before the tourist come. We meet a lot of students who are paiting everywhere.


Still some photos with the reflect on the water…


The day before, when you arrived, we saw some nice way to walk, so we go there, and meet some animals (dogs, ducks, goose, bufalos…)


The hiking is very nice, nobody around, we meet only 3 working girls, and the colours from automn are amazing.


After this hiking, we are very hungry, so we go back to Hongcun to have a lunch in a very place close to the lake, with lot of flowers and cats, and the food is very good.

We take a bus at 3.30 pm to Huangshan train station, the way is almost 2h. When we arrive, we tried to change our tickets from hard sleep to soft sleep  and it’s possible, so cool. We go to have a look in the center, it’s nice but so many shops for tourists. We take a fast dinner, and direction the train. Good surprise, just Hugo and me in the room, so perfect, we had an excellent night. We wake up at 6 am and take a cab to go home.



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